Math Tutoring

Need to hire a math tutor?  That likely means that you and your child have some real concerns and stresses right now.  Or perhaps, you just need some extra reinforcement or challenges for your student.  Regardless of your reason for looking for a math tutor, Relax!  Our math tutoring services are well renowned as some of the best in the business.  

What does a math tutor do?

Math tutors do a variety of things in support of students and parents.  At Advanced Proficient Learning, we are the proven math tutoring experts and can help you and your child with:

  • Increasing confidence in math.

  • Decreasing anxiety and stress.

  • Rapid increase in understanding and application of math concepts.

  • Increasing test scores and class average.

  • Reducing off task behaviors.

  • Developing a problem solving mindset that spills over into other classes and home life.

  • Concern about standardized testing including SAT and ACT test prep.

Math Tutoring

Our Math tutoring services

We offering math tutoring services that range from elementary through college and adult.  With professionals that have a demonstrated mastery of the designated material by age and grade level, we are able to service a variety of courses and subjects.  Our basic approach is to focus on the fundamentals just as you would in any sport.  Math tutoring is often very similar to coaching.  There is a good amount of teaching, followed by repeated opportunities for practice in order to demonstrate and gain mastery of the material.  We will work with you and your child (also the teacher if need be), to develop goals and targets to achieve.  We focus on small successes that lead to big gains in confidence.  It's the confidence that really fuels your child's future growth.

Elementary Math Tutoring

Elementary Math Tutoring

Typically, we begin servicing students in grade 3, but do see younger students on a case by case basis.  With elementary math tutoring, we focus on the fundamentals of arithmetic, number awareness and basic early algebra.  We make it a point to ensure that the students master multiplication and division, since this is a primary reason that many students struggle with fractions and percents.  We help students to develop the problem solving framework that best suits their learning style.  After mastering the basics, we then move into application and work with students on how to approach and think about word problems, including how to rewrite the problems into a coherent math sentence.

Middle School Math Tutoring

When your child reaches the middle school, it's well known that the math steps up.  Our math tutors will help your child to transition through the huge change of going into the 6th grade.  6th grade math builds upon the fractions and decimals of 5th grade and introduces percents along with more pre-algebra concepts.  During the seventh grade, your child will encounter still more algebra including one and early two step equations.  There will be a greater focus on geometry such as parallel lines and angles.  During 8th grade, it all begins to come together.  Your child must master equations, exponents and more.  It will become critical to the coming high school years that your child also understand linear equations and systems of equations.  The friendly  8th grade math tutors of Advanced Proficient Learning are here to make sure that you give your child every opportunity to succeed in middle school math.

Middle School Math Tutor

High School Math Tutoring

In addition to the huge step up in the complexity of high school mathematics, your 9th grader will be a freshman and brand new to an exciting but scary new environment.  The research is clear: many students struggle with freedom and trying to adjust in this new environment.  This can be due to or accompanied by struggles in Algebra.  If your child struggled in 8th grade math, it is almost a certainty that they will need additional support in Algebra.  

No matter the challenge in high school math, Advanced Proficient Learning is here for you!  Our Algebra tutors  can work with you to identify the missing building blocks and to correct in gaps in understanding.  Our geometry tutors will be there to help paint the correct picture as to how to approach geometric proofs, constructions and more.  As your child tackles more complex circles and polygons, they may very well need a math or geometry tutor.  Algebra 2 introduces function families and hammers in the quadratic equation.  If you don't have a good graphing calculator yet (like the TI-84 or something similar), now is the time to invest in one.  Sure you can make it through the class without one, but it does speed up the process.  Your child will also encounter logarithms and exponential functions, including their graphs.  

 High school math is traditionally rounded out with precalculus or calculus.  During precalculus, you'll find more practice with advanced algebra, trigonometry and the introduction of the limit.  Calculus will pick up with limits and include derivatives, integrations and more.  Don't sweat that.  We live and breath this stuff and can surely help your child to overcome anxiety and move them closer towards the goals they desire.

Math tutoring algebra

College Algebra and Adult Math Tutoring

We offer several options for adult math tutoring and help.  This includes GED math and science help.   We also offer AASVAB help in those same areas.  For college students we offer tutoring in college algebra and calculus.  If you need help with the COMPASS math exam, we are able to assist with your preparation as well.  Small group rates are available by appointment only.

How much is a math tutor?

A popular question that we get is how much should I pay for math tutoring?    Like a lot of things in life, it depends.   Generally, for quality work, you can expect to pay around $40 per hour, which is the national average.  Your area may vary.  Be careful:  you want to make sure that you get a math tutoring service or individual that has a proven track record of demonstrated achievement.  Very often, cheap cost comes at a significant cost to the development of your child.

At Advanced Proficient Learning, we offer math tutoring rates ranging from $75 to $20 per session.  This vast difference in math tutoring rates is due to the fact that we believe that parents should have a choice of service level and the length of time to be serviced. We give you the choice of choosing individual tutoring, or small group tutoring.  As you might expect, our small group tutoring rates are the least expensive.  You also can choose between sessions of 30, 40 or 60 minutes for traditional math tutoring.   High school math tutor rates vary and are more if we’re talking about SAT or ACT test prep.    

How do I find a private math tutor near me?

Finding a math tutor involves more than just searching on your favorite search engine.  To find the best private math tutor near me, I’d suggest that you also reach out to the local school counselors to see which tutors they have had previous success with.  In our case, local schools know what we stand for and bring to the table.  If you do search for the best math tutor near me, you will find Advanced Proficient Learning with a top notch rating.  We’ve earned our reputation and look forward to serving you and your family.

private math tutor near me

Need to Hire a Math tutor?

If you need to hire a math tutor, you'll find that our math tutoring services are affordable and really quite a bargain considering the top notch results that we produce.  My promise is that every member of our team will take the time that is necessary to build relationships, listen, explain and ensure the success of your child.  We've worked hard to earn our excellent math tutoring reputation.  I offer my personal guarantee that we will help your child improve.  

What is the best math tutor online ?

Looking for math tutor online services?  Our clients believe and rate us as the best online math tutor due to our commitment to student success.  We’ve been providing online math tutoring for about 8 years now and have produced some amazing results.  You can read some of our stellar reviews here.  

When you use us for math tutoring online, you can take advantage of our digital whiteboard, video and audio capabilities, our friendly, knowledgeable and professional math tutors who are sure to forge connections with your student.  Your child’s confidence will rapidly increase.  Click here to see why our clients rate us as the best online math tutors.