Biology Tutoring

With over 15 years teaching and tutoring Biology at the middle, high and collegiate level, we're pleased to offer our Love of Biology and science to parents and their child(ren) in need.

What makes an Awesome Biology Tutor?

A great biology tutor like the ones we have here at Advanced Proficient Learning will have extensive experience and expertise in teaching and tutoring.  Perhaps most importantly,  the expert tutors at your service here will have a true passion for working with people.  All of our biology tutors have been vetted and selected because they first have a love of helping people and second, have demonstrated mastery of biology and related content.

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What does a Biology tutor do?

Biology tutors help students to improve their grades in their courses, but in our case, we increase confidence and aid in knowledge of how to used their own learning style to improve their performance.  By catering to your unique learning style, we're able to consistently outperform the competition as evidenced by our 5-Star Google Rating.  We also aid students in goal setting and time management skills which are literally transformative in nature.

Biology tutors help students with the expansive amount of vocabulary in the course, but also in connecting the dots as to how these varying concepts are interrelated.  Our expert tutors have experience with varied vocabulary strategies to aid in this vitally important task.

We assist with important biological concepts like:

Cell theory and reproduction, genetics, biochemistry of the body and cells, Metabolism via cellular respiration and photosynthesis, ecology, evolution and more.

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How much do Biology Tutors charge?

When trying to figure out the cost of a biology tutor, our advice is to be careful and don't evaluate solely on cost.  The expected price range varies from as little as $20 per hour and can exceed $100 or more.  As you might imagine, in most instances, there will be a significant difference in the quality of the tutors, their background and most of all, their ability to move you or your loved one forward in the classroom.

Our prices for tutoring range from about $40 per hour for groups of 3 and start at $65 per hour for individual tutoring.  

While not true biology tutoring, we are pleased to announce the creation of small group learning communities of 6-8 students.  These will be lower cost online offerings and are great options for students that need just a small amount of support or clarification of biological concepts.  If a child is failing a class or in danger of failing, then selecting individual or groups of 3 tutoring would be a much better option.

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What's the best biology tutor online?

With decades of experience teaching and tutoring biology, I'm quite comfortable in saying that we are definitely among the best biology tutors online.  We've demonstrated this excellence consistently and with enthusiasm.  We're so confident that we can help you or your loved one that we offer a Money Back Guarantee of improvement.  Please give us a call for more info about our performance improvement guarantee.  678-825-4776