​Looking for Tutoring with Results you can trust?

Our tutoring professionals at Advanced Proficient Learning have been hand selected for their record of excellence in moving students forward.  I would literally trust every one of our tutoring professionals with my children​.  In fact, I have even hired some of them previously to help with my children's growth.  

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​What is academic tutoring & what do tutors do?

​Academic tutoring involves working with students in a particular area to strengthen weaknesses or extend classroom learning.  This can be done one on one or in a small group environment.  The challenge is finding an academic tutor that is well versed in their field and knows how to communicate that information to the learner.  Our professional tutors at Advanced Proficient Learning are preeminently skilled at building relationships and transferring knowledge to the end user rapidly.  This leads to confidence and success for our students.

​What are the benefits of ​using a tutor?

​Tutoring can have many benefits, particularly when you select the correct tutor or tutoring service.  Benefits include increased confidence, reduced anxiety, and increased test scores.  Our tutors further deliver an awareness of how to cater to your own learning style.  At Advanced Proficient Learning, we go beyond the traditional benefits of tutoring. We also develop rapid framing skills, goal setting and solution centered critical thinking that transcends the classroom.  Click here for more exciting information about the benefits of our offers.

​What should I pay for a tutor?

What should i pay for tutoring

​Now this one is a bit tricky.  The real question we should be asking is what level of results am I expecting and how rapidly do I need them.  Based on the answers, you'll find tutors and tutoring services that charge from around $15 to $75 per hour (and more in certain metropolitan areas).  If we're talking about Test Prep for ACT and SAT, then add another $50 to $100's of dollars per hour.  That stated, we offer different options for parents and students since we know that everyone's budget is different.  By offering individual and small group tutoring and doing so in 30, 40 or 60 minute sessions, we can offer a range of prices to accommodate virtually any budget.  See our life changing Perfect Pricing ​Packages here.

​Online, In home or Private Tutoring?

​Uuumm.... How about whichever you need, ​but, It's a personal preference.  Please indulge me momentarily while I say this lovingly:  give your student some input in this decision.  Most parents think of working with a tutor in the traditional way: face to face.  This can be in home or at some other private location (libraries, Starbucks, etc).  However, after ​reluctantly offering online tutoring services about 7 years ago, I have a different opinion. I can tell you emphatically that we've seen almost no difference in terms of what our students are able to achieve with in home or online tutoring.  Here's the kicker, most students are more than open to it.  It's the parents that are sometimes apprehensive.  This is understandable since we grew up in a different world.  All forms of​ interacting with tutors have their own unique benefits that you can read more about here.

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