Physics Tutoring

As a life long Lover of Physics, I'm always extremely thrilled to work with students to explore their world through Physics and Physics tutoring. If you need one on one help or small group services, you've reached the right place.  High school physics is what solidified my choice of study in Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology.  I've had the pleasure of teaching and tutoring physics for well over a decade.  Because of my passion, ability to relate and expertise, my team and I are able to produce rapid results for our clients.

We are here to walk you through the vitally important early stages of dimensional and unit analysis.  Unit conversion will play an important role in your child's study of Physics.  As physics tutors, we know that understanding the units, how they cancel and relate to the question at hand, can be integral to your success.  

Early units in physics tend to involve Kinematics: one and two dimensional motion.  The concepts of speed, velocity, acceleration, distance and displacement are explored along with their effect on time aka the rate of motion.  Whether or not you have Middle or High school Physical science, general, honors, AP or college Physics, it would be our pleasure to assist you in moving forward.

It's worth pointing out that many students struggle with the math which can be a problem in Physics.  As one who's taught and tutored Physics for years, I can also tell you that the majority of students actually have a conceptual problem.  That problem of not fully understanding how the individual concepts relate to the whole can affect their ability to solve problems and in fact, it can inhibit their ability to correctly perform the necessary math operations.  I've helped quite a few very good math students who found themselves struggling in physics.  One of our strengths as Physics tutors here is that we take the time to ensure proper conceptual understanding since we know that the concepts drive the math behind the sometimes scary looking Physics equations.

Typical topics in Physics also include:

Momentum and it's conservation including impulse,     rotational motion including torque and angular momentum,    Energy transformation and conservation (Potential, Gravitational, Thermal, Electromagnetic, etc.),    Waves and Optics,  Electricity and Magnetism, Nuclear physics and more.

What makes an awesome physics tutor?

At Advanced Proficient Learning and Student Advanced, we'd argue that the most important component is the sincere desire to help students improve.  Inspiring confidence, breaking down complex information into sizeable chunks is hugely important.  Beyond that, a physics tutor should of course be intimately familiar with all topics found within a high school or college level introductory physics course.  As a former Engineering major at GaTech, I've seen my fair share as a student, employee and teacher.  On top of my collegiate and real world experience, I've also taught high school physics for several years and tutored extensively at the college level.

We ensure that any physics tutor that we bring on board shares our passion for student success and our love of physics.  From particle dynamics to electromagnetism and beyond, we're your source for all things physics!  We take pride in helping our tutors improve not only their knowledge of physics, but also their teaching and coaching abilities so as to help your child increase confidence.

How do I find a physics tutor?

Finding a qualified physics tutor can be challenging, especially if you need someone skilled in not only the content, but in working with students at different levels.  Some of the tried and true approaches include speaking with your school counselor, asking the teacher for referrals, talking with other classmates or parents, and of course, searching on the internet.  Be careful with the internet though.  It's hard to know exactly whom to trust.

Fortunately, you've landed here.  I offer a personal guarantee that any physics tutor that you find here at Advanced Proficient Learning will be top notch and one of the best.  At any given moment in time, a good percentage of my clients come from teachers and counselors as referrals.  Many of those same educators send their own children to us for physics and math tutoring.  We take that endorsement seriously and vow to honor the trust that any parent places in us.

The best way to find a physics tutor near me.

Earlier we mentioned different ways to find a physics tutor.  One of the simplest ways is to enter a search query into your browser.  If you search for physics tutor near me, it's quite likely that a few local tutors will show up.  Again, be careful.  There are many ill qualified tutors and unsavory businesses trying to make a fast buck instead of being 100% committed to moving your child forward.

Our physics tutors come with a one hundred percent guarantee of improvement.  You also have an open invitation to reach out to me personally if you have any complaint that is not resolved to your satisfaction.  There's a reason that we have a 5 star rating on google:

Should I try a physics tutor online?

Online physics tutoring has proven to be effective for us at Advanced Proficient Learning as well as at our sister organization, Student Advanced.  We do have some tutors that are offering face to face tutoring, but we've seen a significant increase in online physics tutoring requests.  Our extensive experience shows that a physics tutor online session is equally as effective as face to face, at least for the vast majority of students.  

Many parents and some students often confuse online physics tutoring with online large group classes.  Unfortunately, the recent pandemic gave many parents a bad taste of what online education could be.  Let's be clear, our one to one or small group sessions have almost NOTHING in common with the large group classroom sessions.  Every student in our program has their own individualized learning plan.  Our online physics tutoring services are uniquely designed to build upon your student's strengths and solidify their weaknesses.

We offer a 100% guarantee of improvement.   Come see why we're so highly rated!