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If you're the type of parent that believes or hopes your child will achieve at the highest levels in life, beyond the classroom, then we have offerings made for people just like you.  Yes, we will help you in their Math and Science Courses.  Beyond that, we excel in developing the correct mindset that leads to the habits of success.  The same habits and penchants for goal setting  that are required to be successful in academics and sports, relate well to what will be required for success in their chosen career field, whatever that is.  Our promise is to provide you with high value, life impacting guidance, coaching, tutoring and more.

30 Years of Tutoring Excellence.


Ever since I've been in grade school, my passion has been for all things Math and Science.  My first students and those that I would Math tutor and help in Science were my siblings and childhood friends.  Yes!  I was that dude!!  I've had the Heart of a teacher since birth, and find joy in serving students and their families.

I continued  to offer math tutoring throughout college while helping out in the Techwood Homes housing project near my alma mater, GaTech.  Even while working in corporate America, I continued to serve as a tutor, mentor and football coach to neighborhood youth.  

In 2007, I followed my heart into the field of education and worked as both a high school and middle school teacher.  While I'm not the bragging type, it's important for you to know as a parent that every year I've taught Math or Science, my scores were significantly higher than both the state and county average.  I'm pleased to offer my gift of teaching and mentoring to your children.  We absolutely guarantee our Math and Science Tutoring services will produce results academically and beyond.

                                        Math and Science Tutors you can trust!

I've hand picked a small team of True Professionals.  Each Tutor and member or our team has proven mastery in Math and/or science as demonstrated from completion of degrees, teacher certifications or decades of tutoring experience.  You can rest well knowing that your child is safe and in an environment that will allow them to thrive.  We tutor elementary, middle, high school and college students.

Math Tutor Frustrated Student

Your Math Tutoring Solution:

Don't let poor grades or attitudes hold your student back.  Our Math and Science Tutors are highly skilled in the art of relationship building.  We ask the right questions and listen to you and your child's needs/concerns.  Together, we come up with a Math Tutoring plan to quickly gain confidence, reduce anxiety and curtail behaviors that limit success.  As a result, we are able to rapidly increase Math and Science classroom scores.

Low Cost Math and Science  Small Group Tutoring and Review Help

To help parents during these challenging times related to the coronavirus, we're now offering online small group tutoring and review by subject and grade level.  These are groups of up to 6 individuals.  You can purchase 30, 40 or 60 minute sessions with prices as low as $8 per session.  Monday through Thursday Only!

We are revising our Schedule of Small Group Review options.  Please call if you have a specific time requirement.

If you have a time conflict, then please reach out to us at 678-825-4776 or email

Please keep in mind that we offer individual and groups of 2 tutoring in additional subjects like Calculus, AP Calculus, AP physics and Chemistry.

Life Coaching to Ensure Success!!

As parents, there are many things that we wish we would have learned as a child.  We help fill in those gaps by helping you and your child become who you need to be in order to achieve any future goals.  These include:

* Identifying and becoming clear on future career options.

* Developing a clear plan to achieve current and future goals.

* Monitoring progress and adjusting as needed.

* Time management for success at home, at school and in extra curricular activities/sports.

* College and career planning, including Test Prep.

* Identifying key skills that must be acquired for each stage of your child's success.

Limited time Individual Coaching Options:  

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